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    Bringing back the lost art of home cooking.
    Dec 30, 2012 7:33PM


    This is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to make fudge.   If you need a super quick holiday treat or a last minute hostess gift, this recipe is perfect. It is made with ingredients that you can always keep in your pantry. Or you could make a few batches and keep it in your freezer. 

    You can get creative with this basic recipe. Of course, you could mix in any nut you want (try chopped hazelnuts), or leave the nuts out all together. Replace the chocolate chips with peanut butter chips for peanut butter fudge. Some other mix-in options are mini-marshmallows, raisins, dried cherries, candied ginger and coconut. Get creative. One favorite of mine is to sprinkle the top with sea salt.

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    3 cups semisweet chocolate chips
    1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
    1/4 cup butter
    1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

    Place chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and butter or margarine in large microwaveable bowl. Zap in microwave on medium until chips are melted, about 3-5 minute, stirring once or twice during cooking. Stir in nuts, if desired.
    Pour into well-greased 8x8-inch glass baking dish. Refrigerate until set.

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