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    Bringing back the lost art of home cooking.
    Jul 10, 2009 4:30PM

    Product of the Week: Stella D'Ora Cookies


    It was announced this week that Brynwood Partners, the owners of Stella D'Oro cookies and pastries, decided to close the company's only factory.  Other than their loyal employees, I was probably the only other person who began to freak out!  Did this mean the end of my favorite Breakfast Treats and Almond Biscotti?!?!?  What was I going to have with my afternoon and evening coffee?



    Stella D'Oro's Bronx bakery will be closing its' doors in October, but Brynwood will be moving production to other facilities.  It's very of sad actually.  I like the idea of my "Italian pastries" being made in the Bronx, where Stella D'Oro was first started.   There was more controversy earlier this year, when 134 workers from the Stella D'Oro bakery, went on strike, and were immediately replaced with backup workers that Brynwood had already hired.  On July 1, 2009, a federal judge ordered that all 134 of the striking workers must be reinstated.  Brywood complied with the order, and then immediately announced the closing of the factory.  Oy vey!  "Sure, c'mon back to work!  Oh, didn't we tell you, we are closing the factory in 3 months?  Weird timing, huh?"















    Let's move on to the deliciousness of these cookies and biscotti (Stella D'Oro makes breadsticks too).  I remember my Nona eating Stella D'Ora Breakfast Treats in the 70's.  Every Long Island grocery store carried the full line of Stella D'Ora products.  Even though we had access to the best Italian bakeries in New York, I remember my Nona always having her box of Stella D'Ora.  That says alot for the quality of these cookies.  If Stella D'Ora was able to sell their Italian cookies on Long Island, highly populated with Jews and Italians, they should be able to sell them all over the country.




    Remember the commercial in the 80's where the woman was in her bathrobe, at her kitchen table, in the middle of the night, eating the breakfast treats?  Then her husband came in, and asked why she was eating 'breakfast' treats in the middle of the night, and she said she shouldn't have to wait for breakfast to have her Stella D'Oro Breakfast Treats?  Classic!  I tried to find the commercial on YouTube, but it wasn't there.

    Fast forward to Atlanta in the 90's, and I was craving a really good cookie to have with a cup of coffee.  There were no Italian bakeries here (and there still aren't), and I didn't feel like driving all the way to the Dekalb Farmer's Market for a cookie, so I drove to the Toco Hills Kroger.  I browsed their bakery, and there was nothing interesting.  I wasn't in much of a baking mood, so I went to the prepared cookie aisle.  There they were, at the end of the aisle, on the bottom of the shelf, Stella D'Ora Breakfast Treats!!!!! I must have grabbed 4 boxes.  I ran home, and ripped open the box.  They smelled exactly how I remembered them.  I brewed a pot of coffee, and began to dunk the cookies.  Talk about comfort food.... I probably ate 5 cookies that day!  You absolutely MUST dunk them in coffee, tea or milk.  The biscotti and Breakfast Treats are very dry, and soak up tons of your dipping liquid, without breaking apart, and dropping into your mug.  Do not expect a very sweet cookie, just a perfect contrast to a rich cup of coffee.


    Let's quickly discuss the downside of my beloved treats.  They are a processed food, so there are preservatives and chemicals in the list of ingredients.  They are high in fat, but so are most cookies.  These treats fall into my category of "It's totally worth it", but let's be realistic.  This category is about 10% of my total diet for a typical week.  I cook the majority of the food I eat myself, so I know exactly what I am consuming on a daily basis  I consume very little, if any, preservatives and chemicals.  If I were a big fan of Lean Cuisines, or fast foods, and ate them on a regular basis, I would probably not allow myself a packaged cookie treat.


    I will leave you with this cute little blurb from the website for the NY Post.  If this blog entry hasn't left you craving an Almond Biscotti or a Breakfast Treat, I don't know what to say!

    Donna Martin Procreates!


    I walked into work this morning and a co-worker said, "I kinda love what Tori Spelling named her daughter, Stella Doreen." I got so excited because I thought she said Stella D'Oro, like the breadsticks.

    I thought, "Finally a celebrity has just taken the bizarre baby name trend to such a level that it inevitably has to jump the shark." No more Apple! No more Pilot! No more Banjo!

    But then I was pulled back down to earth when she told me that I misheard her. So not only was Tori's baby not named after a delicious breakfast treat, but now I can't stop thinking of Stella D'Oro breakfast cookies dipped in milk. Dang, that's all I want this week. If you eat only those does it work like The Atkins Diet?

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    0 Comments ~ Posted By Gwenn Weiss
    posted by

    I remember those. Haven't had them in ages. Too bad about their manufacturing place in the Bronx, though not terribly shocking. Of course I'm sure they knew the risks when they went on strike. Oh well.

    posted by

    The breakfast treats are definitely a current obsession of mine. I have been going through two boxes a week!!!! But I will only have them dunked in coffee.

    posted by

    I live in Yukon, Ok. I can't find my breakfast treats anywhere! Can you help me? I've been longing for these treats for years. L. Bower

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