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    Jul 8, 2010 7:58PM

    Orange and Blue Grilled Romaine Salad

    It's time for some no-cook meals!  Today it reached 99 degrees in Atlanta!  I left a stick of butter on my counter to soften so I could make cookie dough to stir into cookie dough ice cream.  It was only out for a few hours when the sun hit my kitchen counter.  It completely melted!!!  100% liquid...just from the heat of the sun through my kitchen skylight!  That's hot!

    This salad (which requires 2 minutes of indoor grill time) packs in a ton of flavor using only five ingredients (not counting salt and pepper).   Grilling lettuce really intensifies its flavor.  If you have never had a grilled salad, you are going to love this.  Grilling lettuce brings out its natural sweetness (who knew lettuce could be sweet) and the 'char' brings a smokiness to the salad that you are going to start to crave.  You want to just grill the outside leaves of the lettuce, not wilt the entire lettuce through.  The contrast of the grilled lettuce and the fresh lettuce is enough to make a salad on its' own, but add in the tangy blue cheese, sweet oranges and sharp shallots, and this salad is just perfect.

    To make life even easier, I use my indoor grill pan.  You certainly could grill this on your outdoor grill.  When I first purchased my grill pan, I could not have imagined how often I would end up using it.  It is much easier and faster to use the grill pan than it is to go outside and have to deal with the outdoor grill (I am still not 100% sure how to light it).  Plus,  it is NINETY-NINE DEGREES OUTSIDE!!!!!  To make this salad more hearty, you could purchase a rotisserie chicken and add the meat to the salad.


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